“Cadence creates a space filled with ease, a place for soulful engagement and vulnerable creativity that makes for deep learning and connection within the self and within the group.

I felt the invitation to connect with my wild and playful self. Being able to witness those come out in myself and others was really beautiful. Through doing work with Cadence, I feel inspired, more connected to myself and others." ~ Vem Stevens, healer



I am informed by nearly 20 years of land-based facilitation and healing work with diverse groups throughout Turtle Island (so-called North America). I am constantly amazed by the depth of healing experienced by people from spending intentional time together in nature. My journey has been deeply impacted by all my teachers, human and more-than-human. I have been humbled to have learned and worked with peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds throughout the world. ​



I believe humans were put on this Earth for a reason. We are meant to be in sacred relationship with ourselves, others (including humans and other-than-human beings), and the land. However, we have an uncanny way of forgetting this purpose and falling into disconnect.

The purpose of Inner Cadence Healing is to help us remember, to remember that we not only have a place in the sacred web of life but that we are a fundamental thread in this web. We have a role in sustaining the health and wellbeing of the world. In order to do this, we must heal the wounds of separation and come back into connection.