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About Cadence

My name is Cadence Moffat McCann, MA (she/her). I am honoured to be playing my part in helping us remember why we're here and where we belong in the sacred web of life. 

I am informed by 20 years of land-based facilitation and healing work with wide-ranging groups of people throughout Turtle Island (so-called Canada). I am constantly amazed by the depth of healing experienced from spending time in sacred space.

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About Inner Cadence Healing

We are all born with unique gifts we are meant to bring forth. This is our sacred purpose. However, we have an uncanny ability to forget. 

Inner Cadence Healing offers support to help you remember; to remember who you are, why you're here, and where you belong. This allows you to reclaim your sacred purpose and place in the web of life.

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"Cadence is a skilled and steady facilitator who cultivates fertile grounds for deep and rich connective experiences. She is deeply attuned to allow sacred mystery to shape her work. This allows her to hold space for profound healing."

~Rue McDonald, facilitator

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