The story of Inner Cadence is a continually unfolding journey of sacred remembrance.

It all began with a long-distance trip down the Pacific Coast where I originally found my Cadence or inner rhythm.

I have been in a state of surrender to its guidance ever since.

This led me on a journey to the depths of the underworld and highest mountain peaks.

It called me to confront my demons and showed me the face of the sacred.

I met my ancestors and began healing centuries of trauma and retrieving blessings.

As I began to emerge from this journey, I found my calling to support others on their paths as well.

I believe we all have innate gifts to bring forth in the world.

And yet, we have an uncanny ability to forget these gifts and get lost in the shuffle of modern life.

Inner Cadence is an invitation to remember: 

~ to remember your life is sacred

~ to remember you have unique treasures to offer the world

~ to remember nature holds the keys to help you find your gifts

~ to remember you belong to the Earth

~ to remember you are part of an intimate web of life 

~ to remember you are never alone

I welcome you to join me on this journey of sacred remembrance and uncovering your unique gifts.