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About Cadence

My name is Cadence Moffat McCann, MA (she/her). I am informed by 20 years of land-based facilitation and healing work with wide-ranging groups throughout Turtle Island (so-called Canada). As a queer settler of Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, and Haudenosaunee ancestry, I am dedicated to helping us remember who we are, why we’re here, and where we belong in the web of life.

My journey of remembrance began when I went travelling at the age of 18. I left behind everything that was familiar and stepped into the unknown. It was one of the most formative times in my life. I connected with nature and spirit in ways I didn’t know was possible. When I came back, I felt like a different person. This was my first initiation experience.

Eighteen years later, I was called once again to step into a place of uncertainty. This time, it came in the form of physical illness. I was forced to quit my job and enter into liminal space with no idea where it would take me. I went on a deep dive in the underworld of soul. I journeyed in and out of wild nature and human realms, seeking my sacred purpose. When I returned, I realized I had undergone another initiation, this time with the guidance of my ancestors and soul.

Each of those times was profound because they allowed me to see how I had put aside my authentic self in order to seek acceptance from others. They gave me clarity about my soul gifts of sharing my truth through words and song, connecting with ancestors and spirit by holding sacred space, and tending the edges of human and wild realms. My work is an expression of this sacred purpose. 

I am grateful to reside on the lands of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Attawandaron Peoples (so-called Huron County, Ontario). I recognize the ongoing impact of setters on the peoples and places of these lands. I am dedicated to supporting a process of decolonization through helping us remember how to be in right relationship with each other and the earth.

My background and experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • BA in Indigenous Studies (UBC-Okanagan)

  • BEd in Outdoor, Experiential Education (Lakehead University)

  • MA in Environmental Education (Royal Roads University)

  • Soulcraft Intensive, Wild Mind Intensive, Wilderness Quest (Animas Valley Institute)

  • Priestess Path Apprenticeship (Red Moon Mystery School)

  • Ceremony and Rites of Passage Training (Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute and Nature Knows)

  • Of Stone Bone and Water, Ancestral Healing Intensives (Sacred Grief-Shauna Janz)

  • Wild Roots Vocal Journeys (Music School of Life)

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