walking, I am listening in a deeper way. suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. be still, they say. watch and listen. you are the result of the love of thousands.

~ linda hogan

We all come from long lineages of ancestors that are calling for us to connect with them. I am here to help you build relationship and begin to heal from wounding or trauma they may hold. I guide groups and individuals in the process of ancestral lineage healing. By spirit journeying, I support you to retrieve the guidance and wisdom of the ancient ones. Through this work, we discover countless blessings to be retrieved from the ones who have come before us.

I have always had a profound connection with my ancestors. I was invited into the work of ancestral healing through my mentor, Shauna Janz, who was informed by Ancestral Medicine. My approach is also influenced by Nikiah Seeds and the Red Moon Mystery School. Ultimately, I am informed by the endless wisdom of my ancestors.

I’m available for hour-long individual sessions, both online and in-person. I offer a wide sliding scale, $60-120/hr, to make this work as accessible as possible. You can also book group circles. These can be online or in-person (both indoors and outdoors). They typically run for 2-3 hours and range from $30-60 per person.

Contact me for more details.