if what a tree does is lost on you, you are surely lost. stand still. the forest knows where you are.

you must let it find you. ~ david wagoner

There is inherent healing in the forest. We simply need to quiet our mind and awaken our senses to allow ourselves to reconnect with nature again. Through guided journeys, mindfulness practices, and sensory awareness invitations, I support groups and individuals to access the healing of the land. This is a gentle, physically relaxing experience that takes place in an area of forest or along a forest trail. Forest Therapy helps you reconnect with nature, yourself, and others through deepening relationship with the sacred earth.

I have been working with people in nature for my entire career. It is the source of everything that I do. I first came to this through my own intuition while travelling. I would often feel called to spend time alone in the forest or at the water. I found it deeply healing. I have been dedicated to supporting others in nature connection ever since. I completed a Bachelors in Outdoor Education and Masters in Environmental Education and was deeply informed by my work with Indigenous elders about the importance of remembering our place in the web of life.

I’m available for hour-long individual sessions. I offer a wide sliding scale, $60-120/hr, to make this work as accessible as possible.

You can also book small groups (up to 10 people). These sessions run for 2 hours and range from $30-40 per person.

Contact me for more details.