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Forest Therapy

remember where you belong

Forest Therapy is a healing process that helps to quiet your mind, awaken your senses, and become fully present in nature. It involves a series of invitations including guided meditations, solo time on the land, and reflection to help you open yourself to the inherent healing of the forest. It helps you deepen connection with the natural world and remember where you belong in the greater web of life.

Who is it for?

Forest Therapy is for anyone seeking a more profound relationship with nature. It is done at a relaxed pace and is available to anyone that is able to walk on a gentle forest trail. It can also be helpful for those experiencing anxiety, depression, or other stress-related symptoms.

Where does it take place?

Sessions are available at Bannockburn Tract south of Highway 3 near Bayfield, ON. *Not to be confused with Bannockburn Conservation Area

How much does it cost?

The rate is $100/hour. Sessions run for a minimum of one hour.