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Inner Cadence Healing

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remember who you are
remember why you're here
remember where you belong

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Do you want to know who you really are?
Are you seeking deeper meaning or purpose?
Would you like a greater sense of belonging?

Inner Cadence Healing helps you remember your sacred purpose and place in the web of life by supporting you to reclaim connection with your deepest self, your ancestors, and the earth. This is informed by a somatic, spiritual, soul-centred approach that is deeply rooted in the natural world.

Sessions run for a minimum of one hour and take place in Huron County, Ontario or online from the comfort of your own home.

Reach out today for a free consult, more information, or to book a session.

remember who you are

Soul Work is a depth process that invites you to discover who you are in your essence. It involves deep immersion in nature, dreamwork, and guided journeys to help you uncover your unique gifts. This can include shadow work, grief tending, and core wound healing to address anything that may be holding you back. It supports you to embody your soul purpose so you may be of greater service to humanity and the earth.


remember why you're here

Ancestral Healing is a spiritual process that empowers you to connect, repair, and nurture relationships with your wise and loving ancestors. It involves spirit or drum journeying to connect with ancestral guides who can support healing wounds and retrieving blessings. It allows you to reclaim your place in your lineages thereby helping see where you have come from and why you’re here.

remember where you belong

Forest Therapy is a healing process that helps quiet your mind, awaken your senses, and become fully present in nature. It involves a series of invitations including guided meditations, solo time on the land, and reflection to open yourself to the inherent healing of the forest. It supports you to deepen connection with the natural world and remember where you belong in the greater web of life.

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About Cadence

My name is Cadence Moffat McCann, MA (she/her). I am honoured to be playing my part in helping us remember why we're here and where we belong in the sacred web of life. 

I am informed by 20 years of land-based facilitation and healing work with wide-ranging groups of people throughout Turtle Island (so-called Canada). I am constantly amazed by the depth of healing experienced from spending time in sacred space.

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“Cadence creates a space filled with ease, a place for soulful engagement and vulnerable creativity that makes for deep learning and connection. Through working with Cadence, I feel more connected to myself and others."

~Vem Stevens, healer

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