your joy is sorrow unmasked. the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

~ khalil gibran

Grief is a potent emotion that brings us back into connection with our hearts. I support you to find ways to be with your grief in a way that is available to you. I offer community grief rituals, personalized ceremonies, and individual sessions to help us remember the sacred practice of grieving. By allowing yourself to feel your grief, it begins to move through you and be released. As we honour our grief, we find it is an expression of praise for that which we have lost.

I was introduced to the process of grieving through a course with Okanagan elder Jeannette Armstrong. My journey was deepened by engaging in a 3-week intensive spiral to the depths of my grief led by Hilary Leighton. Grief has transformed my life by opening my heart to the fullness of love. I have also been informed by the work of Francis Weller, Martín Prechtel, and Shauna Janz in finding ways to help us remember the collective practice of grieving.

I’m available for hour-long individual sessions, both online and in-person. I offer a wide sliding scale, $60-120/hr, to make this work as accessible as possible. You can also book group circles. These can be online or in-person (both indoors and outdoors). They typically run for 2-3 hours and range from $30-60 per person.

Contact me for more details.