the land knows you, even when you are lost ~ robin wall kimmerer

I create opportunities for people to deepen connection with the Earth through embodied experience. This is a journey of reclaiming our wild nature and surrendering to the guidance of the land. Our disconnect from the Earth is source of many of the challenges we face today. The good news is that it's also one of the easiest things to remedy by simply remembering our place in the sacred web of life.

My relationship with the Earth began as a child playing freely with the wild beings. It deepened as a young adult when I went travelling and "found myself" by spending time alone in nature. I have been impacted most profoundly by the animist worldview (held by my ancient ancestors and most Indigenous Peoples) whereby everything is alive and filled with spirit. I am also guided by the work of Bill Plotkin in seeing nature as the ultimate source and greatest teacher.

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the deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy ~ william blake

I offer community grief rituals and personalized ceremonies to help us remember the practice of grieving as a village. There is power in being witnessed and witnessing others in their grief. It allows us to be held in a sacred container as we lean into the most vulnerable places in our being. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, healing from ancestral wounding, or mourning the devastation of the Earth, there is no emotion too great for the circle. As we honour our grief, we find it is an expression of praise for that which we have lost.

I was introduced to the process of grieving through a course with Okanagan elder Jeannette Armstrong. My journey was deepened by engaging in a 3-week intensive spiral to the depths of my grief led by Hilary Leighton. Grief has transformed my life by opening my heart to the fullness of love. I have also been informed by the work of Francis Weller, Martín Prechtel, and Shauna Janz in finding ways to help us remember the collective practice of grieving.

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those who sing pray twice ~ st augustine

I hold space for people to reclaim their voice through communal singing. Community and devotional singing is a practice as old as time. Before it became a performance, people sang to bring rhythm to their daily tasks and as a way of showing reverence for the sacred. We all have immense beauty to express through our voice as a unique offering to the world. These circles are a space for us to remember the utter joy of singing and to delight in the magic of finding harmony with each other.

I have always loved to sing but was actively discouraged from it as a child. In my adult life, I have been on a wondrous journey of reclaiming my voice and helping others do the same. After a numinous experience in a mountain valley one morning, I realized my calling was to bring the essence of sacred singing to the world. I have since worked with Amit Carmeli and others to help find freedom through vocal expression. 

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Victoria, BC


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*With gratitude, this work takes place on the unceded lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən and W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples. 
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