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“Cadence is a guide to the deepest parts of your soul. She offers unique ways to honour, explore and move through trauma by connecting with breath and body. Her mindfulness and trauma-informed approach sharpen her wisdom. Every session made me feel physically and spiritually lighter, I am endlessly grateful to have relations with such a powerful healer”.

~Desiree Biasini, student

"Cadence is a skilled and steady facilitator who cultivates fertile grounds for deep and rich connective experiences. She crafts offerings guided by her wise heart and is deeply attuned to allowing sacred mystery to shape her work. This allows her to hold space for meaningfully profound healing."

~Rue McDonald, facilitator

“Cadence creates a space filled with ease, a place for soulful engagement and vulnerable creativity that makes for deep learning and connection within the self and within the group. I felt the invitation to connect with my wild and playful self. Being able to witness those come out in myself and others was really beautiful. Through doing work with Cadence, I feel inspired, more connected to myself and others."

~Vem Stevens, healer

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