"Cadence is a brilliant facilitator. She offers a beautiful mix of structure and fluidity, supporting those in her circle to feel both strongly held and free to be their true selves. A highly recommended experience!"

~ Ashley Gillies, therapist and facilitator

"This human being has a deep capacity for creating and tending sacred space. A humble and healing presence, Cadence holds those who work with her with great care and compassion."

~ Erin Nicolardi, nature educator

"Cadence is a potent space-holder! Her loving presence and inner strength combined with her deep connection to the land are powerful forces for healing. I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions."

~ Jaz Snider, dance and circle facilitator

"Cadence is a 'natural' for this work, with a direct connection to source, deep healing presence, profound respect for the land, and strong recognition of Indigenous territory / stewardship."

~ James Pratt, consultant